Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Back on Track!

Well it's been a while since I've had the chance to write on here, what with technical issues and a poorly little P, but I finally have the chance to sit down and type at my new workstation - iPad and wireless keyboard - thanks brother for sorting me out!
The little lady had a horrible cold which seemed to last forever, so she just wanted her Mummy all the time. It was lovely to get cuddles as I don't usually get too many, but it did mean crochet time was reduced! Only the little P could get away with that! I do have a few creations to show for myself over the last 3 or 4 weeks however, as I have made the most of what crochet time I did have.
The change in temperature has sparked a new line of crocheting for me... hats and gloves and scarves! I refuse to buy little P woolly items, as I can easily make them myself, but they kept getting relegated down my 'to make' list. Eventually it got to the point when I felt terrible that the little monkey had no woolly hat and gloves in the cold weather we have had... so I halted other productions and got to work on protecting my daughter from the cold!
I scoured the internet for quite some time to find the 'right' hat for the little P. I wanted a beanie, but a pretty one, not just a boring round and round hat. I also wanted to use King Cole Bamboo Cotton as it's nice and soft on her little head, so I needed a pattern for DK weight yarn. Eventually I came across one on Ravelry as a free download. It is called 'Perenni' and it's by Deanne Ramsay. It was a very easy pattern to follow, although it took me 3 attempts to get the size right for the little P! I'm chuffed with how it turned out, and she looks super sweet in it! I also tried to make some mittens for her too... I wanted ones with thumbs, but a lot of the patterns for her tiny hands don't have thumbs, so I had to improvise a tad. They turned out not too bad for complete guess-work, and they fit OK, but will she wear them? NO! Maybe when it gets a bit colder.... here's hoping!

and the detail of the pretty stitching...

I then decided to make myself a snood/cowl type thing as I saw pattern I liked on Annaboo's House. She recommends super-chunky yarn with a 15mm hook so I ordered some Sirdar Indie in Apache. I have fallen in love with this yarn, it's super soft, maybe a little bit itchy, but the colours are amazing that you forget all about that! I got straight to it the day the yarn arrived, and finished it that same evening. Super-quick and easy to follow pattern with great results! A cosy snood for cold weather! No more silly scarf ends poking out of my coat!

As I loved the yarn so much, I had a look at some of the other colours and decided I needed a bit more. I thought I could make little P another hat... this time a chunky earflap hat with a bobble on top. So I visited a local shop where I knew they stocked it, and bought a couple more colours.... Madison and Crazy Horse. I used the lovely Madison for the Little P's hat and I plan to use the Crazy Horse to make another cowl type-thing for myself. 

The Crazy Horse...

and the beginnings of a hat in Madison...

I have also been back on the amigurumi. I had an order for 2 rabbits, which I've been slowly assembling over the last month, but they are finally finished and will be off to their new home soon! 
And I finally finished the hair on the amigurumi doll, now named Polly Dolly. It's plaited and tied up with bows and finishes her off nicely. Little P seems to like her, she gets dragged around by the hair a fair amount, which I'm sure is a sign of affection!

Meet Polly Dolly...

and a couple of sweet bunnies...

Also, my kind brother went on a trip to Barcelona for a few days, and brought me back a present, a cactus pin cushion! It's really nice, too nice to stick pins in maybe! They were for sale on a stand on Las Ramblas, all handmade and loads of different designs and colours. 

There are also a few exciting things coming up for me... Fresh Stitches Mystery Crochet-Along starts in just 2 days, so looking forward to receiving the first bit of the pattern for that! And some more exciting things in the New Year if all goes to plan (all crochet related obviously!) which I won't talk about just yet but am very much looking forward to them!
Now I must go, bed is calling, and me and little P have to be out early to a Music class! Until next time...

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