Saturday, 20 October 2012

All Things Pretty

The lovely ladies of Two Birds Craft sent me one of their new products to review. It's a beautiful stitch marker charm bracelet, you may have seen a sneak peak in an earlier post. Well, I have tried and tested it and am ready to tell the world about it!

The product in question, is a very pretty bracelet adorned with beautiful charms, 5 of which are removable stitch markers of use in crochet or knitting. The bracelet itself is very pretty and the charms are very tasteful. I wore it the day I received it but haven't used it as a bracelet since.... the reason being my 18 month old daughter constantly wanted to pull at the shiny pretty thing! I didn't want it to break (she has form!) so I keep it with my crochet equipment now, nice and safe from little hands.
The stitch markers themselves are my favourite part, they work well and are lovely to see hanging off your work. When it comes to aesthetics, there is no contest, these charms are head and shoulders above traditional stitch markers.

The main thing you would want from a stitch marker, is for it to do it's job, and hold a stitch. One thing I find with traditional split-ring markers, is that if I leave them for a while, they manage to work their way off...which is disastrous in amigurumi... and I'm left trying to count back stitches to see where I'm up to. The beauty is with these clasps is that they won't do that. I've left one on some work for a while, it's been hauled around a lot, and it's still sitting pretty just where it should be! The clasp is small, but not too fiddly, its easy to put on a stitch, and remove, but a bit trickier to get back on the bracelet.

My main issue with stitch markers is that I'm forever losing them. These ones prevent that a bit more, as you are conscious of not wanting to lose them, and they stand out and sparkle if you drop them on the sofa next to you!
Overall, I'm very happy with my charm bracelet set, and am very thankful to Two Birds Craft for allowing me to try out their new creation. They are not something I would normally think of buying, but after using them I wouldn't want to go back to the plastic rings, and I think many knitters or hookers would feel the same. They're not expensive, and they are available in other colours too. They also make stitch marker charm keyrings and brooches, which are great too. Please take a look at their Etsy shop and consider treating yourself or a friend to a set!

Two Birds Craft are also on Fcaebook, Instagram and Twitter (@twobirdscraft) and have a blog too, please add them!

In other news...... after suffering the Knit and Stitch hangover, I picked myself up to continue what now has become known as 'Polly Dolly'. As of last night she is mainly complete, she has a head, body, 2 arms and 2 legs, hair and bows. All that is left to do is the dress and shoes. Oh and finally trim the hair, as I daren't do it! I'm considering taking her to my hairdresser, as if I mess it up and cut it too short, it won't grow back! I did not particularly enjoy doing the hair, so won't be doing that again for some time. I'm quite pleased with how she has turned out so far, and best of all little P loves her! So without further ado, meet Polly Dolly...

I would love to get more pictures, but I am currently experiencing technical difficulties in the laptop department, so I am just borrowing my Brother's Macbook Pro. It's very nice, but I'm sure he'll notice if I don't return it.
You may also notice the change of name.... 'Hookaholic' was always sort of a holding name. I was never happy with it and have been racking my brains for a more original name. Finally I have decided on 'A Bunch Of Buttons'. My very kind brother is a talented graphic designer, so he is now creating me a whole new 'brand', so watch this space for changes.... there will be a logo and everything! So until next time...

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