Friday, 23 August 2013

Covert Action

Yesterday, our quiet cul-de-sac was taken over by a film crew and a celebrity. I use the word 'celebrity' fairly loosely, as he is probably way down on the A-Z list. If you are from the UK, you probably know him, that bald chap - Dom Littlewood. He is often on 'The One Show' and programmes like 'Cowboy Traders'. Yesterday he was filming a new episode of 'Cowboy Builders' right across the street from us. I spent most of the morning standing on the toilet seat, aiming my camera out of the tiny gap in the bathroom window, and this is my best shot:

That guy did not want to turn around, so this is the best shot I could get. Loving his co-ordinating shoes and jacket. There was also a female presenter, no idea who that was. It didn't look like Melinda Messenger, who had been in previous series of 'Cowboy Builders'. I was waiting for the 'builder confrontation' but it never happened. I can't wait to see this episode, as the rogue builders in question done a fair amount of work in my parents' house a few years back... and totally messed it up, and ripped them off, so I'll be happy to see them get publicly humiliated. Don't get done, get Dom!

So that unexpectedly changed my plans yesterday, poor Little P had to amuse herself a bit whilst we took it in turns to peer out of the window. She kept calling him 'John Lewis' too which was funny... can you tell where we shop?!

I have been playing about with the camera as usual - the garden being one of my favourite places to experiment. Only when you see the really close-up detail of flowers and insects do you appreciate just how amazing and beautiful nature really is. Nothing we make can compare. I'm always photographing flowers, and noticing patterns inside I would never have seen with the naked eye. But the other day, I had a different subject. A grasshopper. He actually sat on my hand whilst I photographed him - Little P was a bit weary, and kept calling him a chameleon! I was amazed he sat there, I actually had to put him back, he didn't hop away. He was quite happy having a scratch of his body and face. Here is the little chap...

In between these antics, and occupying the Little Lady, there has been a bit of crochet. Designing in fact. I mentioned in my last post that whilst making the amigurumi monkey for my niece I had an idea for my own monkey - well I put the cogs into action and produced one!
It started as a few rough sketches in my notebook (along with a bit of colouring help from Little P)...

and got refined to this tiny sketch in the corner of a page...

I knew I would use my trusty Rico Creative Cotton Aran for this, as I did the last monkey. Little P wanted a pink monkey too, and I have a thing about pink and green together, so he needed some green 'bits' too. Then began the experimenting...

Originally, I had planned for this monkey to be quite a big thing, but I decided to try a scaled down version, to see if I actually like the design. It turns out I do, and so does Little P, which is the most important thing! I'm happy with proportions, so in theory I could scale him up to be the big chunky monkey I once envisioned.

And there he is! I actually have ideas for a whole series of these animals. I really like his rectangular body shape, with the face as part of it, I think it's quite unique. My Mum has some ideas too, so watch this space for some more animals like this!

I also got quite an exciting delivery in the post this week, more Hooplayarn! Each bobbin is quite sizeable, so I couldn't order too much, I limited myself to 3. I love the colours! Think they look lovely together...

In fact, I think my original plans for them have changed. Instead of adding them to the mixed colour mandala rug (see last post) I may make another rectangular rug just using these. Any oddments can get added to the mandala rug, but I think these deserve to be together, in their own ruggy glory. I ordered mine through an Amazon shop as they had a great range of colours and were a good price.

I've also started crocheting a simple stripy sleeve for my laptop - just to keep the dust off. Will post about that when it's finished! I think I can hear it calling me now, but one thing before I go...

Please go and check out my friend Leah's new blog - Curly Girl Coop - I taught her some of the basics of crochet about a year ago and her love for crochet has taken off, just like mine did! She shares the same love of colour and amigurumi as I do - but we differ a fair amount with other things (she still doesn't get grannysquares), but please go give her a look, it's a great blog already!

I've just been informed that the film crew are back outside... I can't waste another day watching, that's so old hat now! Time to crochet, so until next time...


  1. Ha! Standing on the toilet seat taking pictures! Awesome! I would have been doing the same thing! I love the little monkey. I have yet to try any kind of amigurumi...they are a little intimidating, but yours are always so cute! I may just have to break down and try it!

    love your grasshopper picture! Looks almost like something from sci-fi!

    1. Try some amigurumi- it's what I started with and actually think its pretty easy. Just lots of round and round and a bit of counting but nothing complicated! :)