Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Wedding Day!

Last weekend was an exciting one. Little P was a bridesmaid at my Auntie's wedding, and despite all the build up nerves (will she sit still? Will she be quiet? Will she sleep etc... etc...) it all went swimmingly well.
Getting ready in the morning somewhat took it out of me however. How hard it is to get ready for a wedding with a two-year old determined to undo everything I had just done. We battled through and amazingly got out of the house in one piece and on time-ish. Little P is so headstrong, and those tantrums are certainly living up to the whole terrible-twos thing. I'm worried she is turning into a right princess however, as she has everyone at her beckoning call, bowing down to her every need. She does say please and thank you though!
The Little Lady looked absolutely adorable in her ivory dress and shoes. A proper little princess. She even got to have a little wand to wave around, which she thought was great. All of a sudden, there we were, sitting in the room waiting for the Bride and Groom to enter. I can't believe how quickly time had flown to get to that point. I'd managed to contain Little P to sitting on my lap (she's really not very good at keeping still) but she was chatty. Very chatty. It was all a bit exciting for her, and she kept shouting out. Please be quiet for the service I prayed!
No such luck, but it was funny at least! She made some funny remarks about the Bride emerging from some curtains, and I could see smiles around the room. And then she liked to loudly point out that my Auntie was 'over there' etc etc. It was funny, although I was on edge as I just didn't know what she would come out with next! She was a good girl though, no tears throughout the day, not until just after 9pm when she finally reached her limit of dancing and twirling about.
I couldn't have asked for her to have been better for me, and it was a lovely day for us all. Little P really likes dancing and couldn't wait for the party to start. We had to stand by the doors and watch the band set up, just incase we missed the start of the dancing! Little Lady danced solidly for about an hour before we left, and considering she'd been up since 7.30am without a nap on such a busy day, I think she did rather well. Needless to say she crashed pretty instantly when we got home, and so did I!
It was a coolish day, so it also meant the little crochet cardigan I made her to wear got some use too, especially when we went out for a few photos. It looked really nice with the outfit and it was nice to say 'yes' when people asked if I had made it. I also sported a crochet cardigan - but I cheated and bought it! I was very happy with my first venture into crocheted garments - making something that needed to actually fit was a different ball game entirely!

I had made my Auntie and Uncle a little something for their wedding too. My Auntie had previously expressed her love of my crochet toys and asked if I would make her some. I decided to make a bride and groom of sorts for a wedding present. I had a look about for 'crocheted bride and groom' animals, but nothing took my fancy, so I thought I'd have a go at my own, and who better to base it on than Monty Moo?
My own design cow, so I knew how he worked out. I already had ideas about how the bride would work out so I sketched a little, planned the colours and away I went. This was quite some time ago now... I finished the bride and was very happy with her. I made a frilly dress and a bunch of flowers to go with her, sweet isn't she?!

Now for the groom. The project stalled for a while as 1) I knew I had plenty of time, and 2) I wasn't so sure on how to tackle the groom. Really, he should be easier, as he's wearing a suit and top hat. But I wanted his white shirt to be visible beneath the jacket, and for the jacket to 'overhang' the trousers with a little tail, not just be like one big black bodysuit for him. Working with black was something I had not done a lot of before, and seeing the stitches was a bit of a nightmare at times. Also, the black yarn seemed to work up smaller, so my first attempt was tiny - I couldn't have a huge bride and a teeny groom, not good! So I upped the hook size and began again. He still worked out a tad smaller, but not too noticeable by the time he had his top hat on. Add a flower and a bow tie and now we have Mr. Moo!

They look quite sweet together I think...

In amongst all the frivolities, I have managed a spot of crochet. I've finished the granny bunting for Yarndale, and shall post that off soon to Lucy of Attic24. I stopped at 10, I think that's plenty enough when you look at the numbers of parcels arriving for the cause. I have a couple I think I will be able to pick out! Meet my Goaty bunting. I think I will spot him if he does get strung up (not sure he's too in keeping with all the other colourful ones, but he is funny!) Notice the parched grass... maybe today's rain will green it up again?!

Wahoo, just a couple of months until Yarndale is upon us... cannot wait! After talking about crochet, all I now want to do is crochet, and with a few hours to myself, that is exactly what I intend to do, so until net time...


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Moo look very happy together! They are a very handsome couple! I have got my bunting done for yarndale also. Just need to photo it and get it sent off. I think I have about 10 also. I love the goat!! So cute. I hope you have a good few hours of uninterrupted hooky time.

  2. Aw, Little P looked adorable! Mr and Mrs Moo are fantastic too, and I LOVE your goat bunting - I'll have to look out for that one too!