Sunday, 7 October 2012

Would a Suitcase be Excessive?

Excited! Yes, this Thursday I am trekking down to the big smoke that is London to visit the Knitting and Stitching Show! I cannot wait! I'm even excited about the train journey, as that is quality crochet time with friends! Seriously debating taking a suitcase to fill with yarn and other crochet/craft related products! I had a look at the list of exhibitors, plenty of yarn supplies and Decopatch are there too. Better make that two suitcases!
So in the meantime, I have been trying to think of a project to take with me on the train.... it needs to be not too big, unlike the blanket. Not too many colours, as I don't want to have balls of yarn rolling around the train carriage. And it can't be too heavy on counting and keeping track, as if we are chatting (which I hope we will be!) I don't want to keep losing where I am up to. So I'm thinking a cuchion cover? I'll chain it to the right size, then it's just back and forth right? Or maybe another amigurumi fruit, a bit of counting involved but if I make sure I have a stitch marker.....
Which leads me nicely on to another exciting venture this week,,,
The lovely ladies who make up Two Birds Craft, have sent me one of their lovely stitch-marker charm bracelets (which they are hand-making to sell in their Etsy shop) to test out and review. I already had a project in mind for when they arrived through my letterbox, a lovely amigurumi dolly for my little P. I mainly use stitch markers when making amigurumi, so this would be a perfect project. They arrived on Wednesday morning, in a lovely little package. You can see some more pictures on my Instagram, but thought I'd post a sneak peek up on here too. I'm getting on well with them so far, lovely to use and very pretty too, but full review will follow soon..... take a look at Two Bird's Craft blog and Etsy shop, they make wonderful things!

The bracelet...

A stitch marker in action...

I don't think there is a contest between these and bog standard split ring stitch markers!

So before I got stuck into amigurumi again, I made my first winter warming goodies! The first items of clothing/accessories I have made for myself. First up, the stripy scarf. Really love the stitch used, makes it a very pretty stripe. See my previous post for details of yarn and pattern. I'm pleased with how it turned out, I made it a lot longer than the pattern says however, as I like a long scarf! Also made it wider as it turned out quite thin, but I do love it and look forward to wearing it all winter.

After the scarf was complete, I thought I needed a hat too. I love hats. I buy them, but I never wear them, so I thought I'd make one, so I can not wear that too! I have seen many slouchy hats on Pinterest and the like, and really liked them, so thought I'd settle on one of them. I then needed chunky yarn, which I needed to buy. Well, I had some, but it wasn't the right yarn for the job, so I went shopping. That's when my yarn snobbery kicked in again. Debbie Bliss Paloma in Mallard. Very nice. Part alpaca, part wool. Not usually my thing, I like cotton and silk but this felt nice and well, hatty. I used Gleeful Thing's Gumdrop Slouchy Hat pattern and it worked out perfect with no tweaks needed. So I haven't actually worn it yet, only around the house, but my head gets too hot. It really is for the depths of winter!

I will get a picture of it being modelled one day, but it fits well and is comfy, maybe a little itchy, but when you are cold, itchy doesn't matter too much! So let's see if I actually wear it.....

Of course I am continually granny striping away on the rainbow blanket too... said birthday is less than a week away so needless to say it will not be finished it time, but it was never going to be! I'm nearly finished on the blues, so on with purples and pinks after. Also I shall be continuing with the dolly I'm making my little P. I'm using a pattern by Stitch and using Rico Creative Cotton Aran, which is fast becoming one of my fave yarns ever. So far, I have one leg complete, so I have a bit of a way to go!

I shall share my adventures at the Knitting and Stitching show next weekend hopefully! Exciting week!

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