Monday, 27 August 2012

Mummy Time

Yes, this week I have not had a lot of time to crochet, as I've been extremely busy with my primary (and favourite) role, as a mummy!
The weather has been relatively good, so we've been outside lots. Little P has developed a love of digging up soil and filling up buckets, she's really quite good at it for 16 months old! She's in full flow on her feet now, and swiftly gets about the garden, no time to turn your back or she's away! We also took her for her first proper beach experience. Needless to say, she loved it, the sand, the water, everything! Only thing is, I don't go much on sand. The first half hour was OK, then when water started to get involved, I just couldn't handle it! I hate that feeling of sand everywhere! But, little P loved it and that's what's important, right?
Considering how energetic she is, and the fact she never stops and sits still, she doesn't seem to need much sleep either. In fact, the afternoon nap is often non-existent now. And that was prime crochet time! So I have had very little hooky time in the last week, just a bit in the evenings, when little P finally gives in to sleep.
I am continuing with my mum's rainbow stripe blanket, I've added only a handful of rows though since the last report.....more of that this afternoon! But I did manage to finish the ripple cushion cover for little P's cotbed.
I have blogged about it on it's own page (see 'My Creations' section, top right of page. But incase you don't, here it is...

I love the bright colorful ripples, and it's cotton too so it's super-soft! I thought I'd pose it in amongst a fern to show off those ripples!

Until next time, when I hope to have made more rainbow stripe progress....


  1. LOVE the bottom photo! Nice work!!

    1. still got to make your baskets after you kindly sent me the pattern.... I haven't forgot!