Thursday, 19 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been pretty busy in my life lately, what with one thing or another. Too busy for my liking, I enjoy a relaxed pace of life, with plenty of time for hookin' when my little P is asleep or otherwise engaged!
I wanted to be able to write weekly on this here blog, but it will just be as and when I get the time right now. Obviously, looking after my little P comes first and foremost, then after that, it's crafting time! Blogging is further down the list, after eating and drinking but above housework. So, any time I do get right now, I'm so excited about all the projects I have on the go that I don't even fire the old laptop up or even think about blogging, except now.... I must be content with the little bit of hooky time I've already had today when little P had her nap.
There hasn't been much of it the last few days, and I am starting to feel the withdrawl symptoms. What with moving house ( a whole other, boring, less riveting story) and little P being ill this week there has been minimal, insufficient hooky. But today was a bit more normal, so I sat down to one of my many projects.
Maybe I should just focus on one project at a time, finish it, and then move on. But I can't! My mind is exploding with colourful ideas I just can't wait to put into action! At the moment I have a few projects on the go:-

1) The BIG granny stripe blanket, with chunky yarn.

2) My own design amigurumi cow. He's well on the way too, I just got sidetracked!

3) My puffy flower cushion cover

4) The rocking chair makeover - crocheting cushion covers, seat one complete!

and a few other arty farty bits of decopatch and button-on-canvas action.

The granny stripe blanket is nearly 2/3 complete in terms of stripes, and is one of those 'I don't want to think, or count, just stitch away' type projects. Perfectly relaxing.
The cow is more creative, 'this is my imagination coming to life' type project, so requires me to feel creative and on the ball!
The rocking chair is a long term 'I'll fit this in around everything else' type project. Seat cover done, now for the backrest. Think I've decided to finish the blanket before starting this though...
The puffy flower cushion is a new one, been thinking it up for a while, and researching 'puffy' stitches and turning them into squares. I've modified a pattern from Crochet Today magazine, to get bigger flowers as the ones in that pattern seemed quite small. I shall assemble the squares together to make a cushion cover. Still undecided about the reverse side, whether to carry on with flowers or just have one giant granny square in all the colours. I've got time to think on that though.
I'm pleased with how my flowers have turned out, plan on putting the pattern I used up on here when I've finished (and the cow too!) so watch this space...
Here they are in their current form....yes, there's only 2 so far!

top view of the little squares
puffy view!
 Think I'll need 16 of these for a cushion side, and will probably put a border of single crochet of one of the colours around too for extra decoration. Will keep you posted!



  1. Is there a pattern to these puffy squares? I was thinking I may want to make them into a baby blanket!

    1. Hi, I haven't written it up properly... I can maybe try and work out what I did, although it was a while ago now! :)

    2. Hi again, I've finally written up a tutorial for the squares if you are still interested... take a look here :)