Ronald the Fat Little Reindeer

It's finally arrived...

My first pattern written up all nicely...


Ronald the Fat Little Reindeer! A shiny PDF for you to download here!

He is also available as a free Ravelry download!

Please have a go and let me know how you get on with the pattern... I have tested it and tweaked a couple of bits so it should be pretty straight forward!

Please click here to download the free pattern!

JOINING LEGS TUTORIAL - especially for the CCC August 2014 CAL

After making the 4 legs (3 fastened off and 1 still on the hook) you should have something a bit like this...

Round 1 of body:

make 12sc in this leg (it's handy to mark the first stitch with a stitch marker)

Then, insert your hook from front to back into a stitch on another foot. I tend to choose a stitch about 3 to the left of the join, this way the seam gets hidden in the middle.

Pull yarn through and complete a single crochet. It helps to keep this bit tight so there are no loose stitches. Work 11 more sc in this leg and repeat for the other 2 legs. This is how the join should look:

and here you can see the last stitch of the first leg, and first stitch of the next leg and how it joins:

When you finish the 12sc in the last leg you should have something like this:

That is the end of the first round, but I like to make the next stitch to join them up. Simple single crochet into the first stitch of the round (the marked stitch). This is in fact the first stitch of Round 2 of the body.

You will notice a large gap in the middle - simply take some of the brown yarn and sew it closed, working through the unused stitches.

And there you have it - Ronald's legs are complete. The next round of the body will work around in the 48 stitches you just made - back to normal rounds! I hope this helps!


  1. I'd love to download this, but it's 38M which is huge for a pdf! Anyway you could compress it down? I just downloaded your cow pattern too, which is 2.3MB, which looks really good

    1. Hi, I've compacted the file quite a bit! I had no idea it was that huge! I hope you enjoy it! :)

  2. Hi, I'd like to use this pattern for a CAL with my group please. I've sent you a PM on ravelry. xoxo