Summer Garden Granny Blanket

So I thought I'd like to show off my summer garden granny blanket again... I do love it so much!

Firstly, the pattern was Attic24's Summer Garden Granny Square, credit where credit is due. Another lovely creation by Lucy!
I used a mixture of King Cole Bamboo Cotton and Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo, both DK weight yarns I worked on a 4mm hook. I made 81 squares in total, joining as I go. I loved making this blanket, and I'm really pleased with how pretty it turned out... too pretty to use!
The whole blanket laid out with my feet for size guide!

and here it is all draped over a bench....

Close up of a couple of the squares...

so after making 81 of those and joining (seemed to be doing it forever!) I edged it with another one of Lucy's patterns. 4 rows of grannying, then the fancy edge, which finishes it perfectly! Thank you Lucy for inspiring me to make this!

And there we have it, my Summer Garden Granny Blanket!

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